Why blogging helps SEO!

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To start here is a simple question!

Semester 2 of this college year the Term SEO has been embedded into peoples heads. When we hear the word SEO now we automatically go “Not again”. We recognised the importance of SEO this year especially when we had the opportunity to work with an up and coming company called BounceBox. Both owners Niamh and Janice were very eager to learn all about how they could improve their SEO and many groups suggest blogging as a source of upping their importance in the search engine Google!

Google Ranks Blogging as an important tool in helping your importance on their search engine.


 Since Google is King of search engines it’s VERY important that Google Loves WordPress – and they do!! In fact, it was love at first sight! Some of the many reasons for their love affair include:

  • Google loves logical architecture in a website and WordPress is designed logically.
  • Google loves text-based websites – WordPress is text based.
  • Google loves SEO and WordPress allows you to tend to your SEO as well as dominate your competition.
  • Google loves mobile-friendly websites – WordPress can be designed as Responsive for all smart devices!
  • Google loves blogs – WordPress was originally created as the ultimate blogger’s tool!

According to Liquid Mango website:

Many people see social media as separate to blogging, when in fact they are both tactics that work together to build a strong online community. Here are seven reasons you should start blogging today.

  1. Likeable, sharable content

The first reason to blog is probably the most obvious: it gives you something to share on social media! While curated content is an important part of a balanced social media feed, it’s important to also share content you have created. Blogging is one of the best ways to talk to your audience about your business, without resorting to sales or promotional tactics.

  1. Drive traffic to your website

The primary purpose of creating a blog is to drive traffic to a platform that you own. It’s dangerous to rely on platforms that you don’t own to run or promote your business, such as Facebook or Twitter. What if those platforms disappeared tomorrow? Blogging is a great way to guide potential customers to your website, where you can encourage them to find out more about your business and make an enquiry or a sale.

  1. Boost your SEO

According to Google, there are hundreds of factors that may affect how your website ranks in search engines. The process of making changes to your website with these factors in mind is called Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Regularly updating your blog is good for SEO as it ticks off a number of success factors, including well-written content, relevant keywords, high-quality backlinks and building authority from likes, shares and comments.

  1. Keep your website fresh

As well as being another success factor for SEO, updating your website regularly stops it from looking stale to potential customers. It also means you can provide customers with information that may not be available on other pages of your website. For example, a jewellery site may use their blog to show customers how to clean and care for their jewellery, or how to choose the right piece for their partner.

  1. Show your brand personality

Don’t forget that people do business with other people, not logos! A blog will help customers get to know you and your business, so you are more than just another logo. Think about how you can inject your brand personality into each blog post and start a conversation that can be continued on social media. You may like to share the behind the scenes of your business or conduct an interview with staff—anything that gives your brand a human face.

  1. Support your community

Giving back to your online community not only builds trust and loyalty, but also raises your profile and showcases your expertise in the industry. Your blog should provide customers with useful, relevant and interesting information that helps them in some way. You may like to answer a frequently asked question from a customer, provide tips on making the most of their purchase or add value to your community in some other way. Soon, you will start to be recognised as a trusted source of knowledge in your area of expertise.

  1. Generate leads

Although there isn’t a direct line between blogging and sales, sharing content that drives people to your site is a great way to generate leads. You’ll expand your online community with new fans and followers, who will likely place more trust in your skills as they discovered you through a friend or colleague. When the need arises for your products or services, guess who’ll be top of mind?

Overall i can safely say that if SEO comes up in a exam i will be fully prepared to answer any question that concerns it!

For some that don’t know SEO means :


Thanks you!



Top 5 tips for creating great Facebook content


Do you ever wonder why people are attracted to Facebook pages in this day and age?

Personally what attracts me as a user is :

  • Images that are attracting to the eye
  • Statuses that contain humor and honesty#
  • Someone who isn’t updating non-stop


But according to the WordStream Blog businesses have a variety of factors they feel boost their Facebook content. I have pulled 5 points from their blog which i feel are important to good Facebook content.

  1. Post Content that Interests Your Customers
    The key to developing a winning fan page that builds fans and pushes your business forward is to post content that genuinely interests your customers or clients. Don’t focus solely on you or your business. By providing valuable information to the reader you will build a stronger relationship with current and prospective customers.

e.g For people that are currently hiring new employees for their business, what users can do is share a status that the company have put up saying they are hiring in order for other people to acknowledge this post.

2. Don’t Post Too Frequently
According to a research study by the University of Colorado Denver Business School, the No.1 reason people dump Facebook friends is that they get annoyed being continuously bombarded with useless posts (if you are looking to lower your friend count, just download a couple of Zynga games and you’ll be golden).

Plastering a fan’s news feed won’t make them like you any more. Make each post count!

3. Allow Fans to Write on Your Wall
This might go without saying, but you really need to enable visitors to write on your wall. Disabling this feature means you might as well not have a fan page at all, since the whole point of being on Facebook is to get into dialogue with customers.

As you can see from the video above,Ellen was able to get onto her viewers Facebook page and see what content she could take for her TV programme. What attracted her was funny images that made her laugh.

4. Don’t Share Twitter Posts on Your Facebook Page
You’re talking to different audiences with different needs and expectations. It’s fine to have an announcement you want to share across Facebook and Twitter, but re-write it accordingly. And definitely remove the #&@s or people might think you’re saying some not-so-nice things.

Differentiate between Facebook & Twitter

5. Use Contests, But Use Them in Moderation
Of course we can’t forget about contests, the bread and butter of fan pages. Contests are great, but they should be a fun and exciting event, not the norm.

Pumpkin coffee and apple cider are awesome reminders of fall because you can’t get them just any day of the year. Similarly, you shouldn’t be hosting contests so often that they lose their edge.

Try an essay, photo, or video contest to get a higher level of engagement with fans. It’s great to incorporate seasonal events, like a “Best Pumpkin Carving” or “Cutest Pet Costume” contest for Halloween. The Wildfire web application is a great tool for making interactive content like contests, quizzes, and surveys.

Boo the adorable pumpkin-dog!

Boo the adorable dog would win any contest. Because he is just too adorable.

If you run a social media photo contest, tag your customers so that the post appears on their wall too. That way you’re furthering your sphere of influence by reaching out to friends of your fans.


We then move onto the likes of Bloggers and how they make sure their content is impressive. When creating a blog it is essential that your content is interesting or else you will not get viewers.

Interesting Fact past student Love Lauren attending Cork Institute of Technology and studied the same business course as me. She started off doing her blog on WordPress and still to this day she is a very successful blogger because her Facebook content is interesting to her viewers.

A bit about Love Lauren!

Lauren started blogging in January 2013 as a hobby, but her site has since blossomed into something much bigger. As well as insights into her life, style and beauty routine, the blog also features an online boutique and an area for readers to sell their own pre-loved clothes and accessories.

Her Facebook page is successful and has good content as you can see below.

So as you can see from above the content you put on Facebook heavily depends on what type person/business you are. Be relatable to your audience because people love the comfort of familiarity.

Now your challenge is to look at your Facebook page and ask yourself!

Is your Facebook content interesting?

Thank You


The Future Of Social Media is Mobile

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Hi im Alice Foley and i am a full time social media junkie. I think it is safe to say that in this day and age everyone is that bit obsessed with checking their social networking sites on their smartphone. The constant beeping off someones phone will no doubt be a like on your Facebook status, retweet of a tweet, like on a instagram photo and how handy is it now to be able to check these things straight away! I thank the mobile devices for when i can check a photo that i have been tagged in by my friends. Every women and maybe man knows the dreaded fear of seeing “you have been tagged in a photo”. Thank you mobile phones for letting me untag within seconds …

Do you believe that the Mobile has greater power then the laptop/desktop?

Well according to Matthew Brian Beck, the next big thing is getting smaller and smaller.

What he means by this is that technology nowadays has moved away from desktops and towards the use of smartphones. The use of smartphones has been made better by the advancement of wireless data networks, screen sizes etc. The everyday person needs to be in contact with all social media sites at any time. This is when having a smartphone is handy because it is portable.

By reading the article “11 Predictions on the future of social media” you will get many opinions of what people think mobile means to the importance of social media!

 My favourite is by a lady called Amelia Alpaugh. Her ideas are out there and crazy but her enthusiasm and excitement about it grabbed my attention. She imagines mobile, social media in the next 100 years.

“I think that anything we talk about in 25 years is going to sound like science fiction. Mobile is the first step toward the portable future of social media and how we consume it, and I think wearables will be a big part of that. I can see it evolving into an implanted device in our bodies that will connect to everything around us. I know that sounds crazy, but what we’re seeing now in the industry is at the tip of the iceberg in terms of sharing our personal experiences. I think you’ll be able to share a taste, a sensation and a smell. I think a shared consciousness and a version of telepathic communication is all very likely. It may sound a little loopy but, hey, Neuromancer is one of my favorite books, and I’ve enthusiastically been to a Star Trek convention—so, yeah.

Imagine shopping an e-commerce store with a friend, virtually trying things on your avatar that’s representative of your likeness and conversing in real time with that friend, all while on the go in different places.”

Here below are 5 Mobile Marketing facts that will blow your mind..

  1. 75% of Americans admit to bringing their phone to the bathroom.
  2. 40% of shoppers consult 3 or more channels (often while shopping) before making a purchase.
  3. 4 out of 5 consumers use smartphones to shop.
  4. 70% of mobile searches lead to online action within an hour.
  5. 78% of retailers plan to invest in mobile this year

Below is a quick survey just to find out what is your preference of device and i would appreciate if you would complete it.

As i do believe mobile is the way forward for social media, there is a further issue attached with the fact of it interfering with human contact. A touching video below that will help you understand the concerns.

Thank you


My App Idea

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Hello everyone, this is my very first blog post about something that is very interesting to me and i feel you will find interesting aswell. Enjoy !

My app idea is called Family Circles.

This app is for the families out there who have relations all over the world. The app will provide a platform for family members to set up their own forum whereby they can share events,pictures,messages etc. It is a private setting away from other social networking sites whereby families can keep in touch with each other e.g. My page would be called ‘foley’ so that means the page is just for my family

App Entry From

App Entry From

The reasoning behind my app idea is because I have a large amount of family in many different countries and I wanted some place whereby we can be in contact with each other. Facebook is around for people to use but I wanted to take a step away from that and make it a more private setting for just their own family groupings. To me I would most definitely use the app and I know my family would of as well.

We got emails the other day confirming whether we got through to the finals of the competition or not. Unfortunately my app idea never made it through. It was disappointing but it was a great opportunity to put myself out there and try something I would of never done before.

The App apprentice opportunity was a great idea for all students at Cork Institute of Technology seeing as the use of smartphones and apps are so important to our day and age. Opputunities like these are essential for this course as we have the lack of work placement.

Screen Shot 2015-03-08 at 19.20.54

The APPRENTICE competition is part of CIT’s Innovation Week buzz by inspiring students to come up with great APP ideas. It is also a chance for industry to see the scale and spread of ideas across all of CIT’s campuses and also FETAC students from Cork Colleges Progression Scheme

I found inspiration for my app idea by watching this video from youtube. Argos did it a good way by using animations. It kept me entertained watching it whilst getting the message across.

This was my first time blogging and i actually found it quite enjoyable i can understand how people get addicted to it. I always read the fashion blogs like SoSueMe etc. But after doing this type of blog it has opened my eyes up to what is out their with regards to business topics.

I have also set up a Facebook and twitter account showing off the fascinated ways people use the internet to appeal to their marketers. Stay tuned for my next blog post and thank you for taking your time to read mine.

Thank you